9 Reason Why Most Health Insurance Fail

The biggest complaint that a policyholder has against health insurance plans is that even after paying a huge amount of premiums to buy a plan, it still didn’t come in handy when needed the most. At the time of medical emergency, the most common sight is that of people being declined their claims or health … Read more

Common Life Insurance Myths In India

Today, people feel uncomfortable talking about death and the consequences of one’s death leave alone the financial aspect and the void that a person’s absence will create. Financial planning is very necessary for the family that have been left behind.  Life insurance happens to be the most important aspect of financial planning and the most … Read more

Health Insurance Choose The Right Cover

Having health insurance is the most imperative thing in the first place, but more significant than that is to check if you have the right health insurance plan. Wondering what could be right or wrong in health insurance? Yes, there are a lot of variations available in the market and these make big difference too. … Read more

Future Of Insurance Sector In India

With the Indian insurance industry booming gradually, it’s been turning into one of the most favored investment destinations for foreigners. Since the Indian Compare insurance market opened for private players in 2000, several national and international players competing and increased operations in the country. Let’s talk about the Future-of-insurance sector in India. Table Content Rising … Read more

Mutual Funds Versus Ulip Investments

There is always a fine line of difference between investments in equity or bond market and in insurance products. General people whose main notion is to invest whether in equities or insurance is to save their money, save taxes and for financial security in future. So, choosing the right product is necessary for them as … Read more

What Is Subrogation And Why Is It Important

In simple terms, subrogation means the substitution of an individual or set of individuals by another. This concept is mainly used in debt or insurance claims. In this concept, if an individual has received claims from an insurer for the losses of property or articles, then the title and ownership of the damaged property or … Read more

All About Personal Accident Insurance Plan

Accidents may occur to anyone and you cannot stop them from happening. It is thus better to get a safeguard against personal accidents, so your family doesn’t have to suffer in case of an accidental mishap. Personal Accident (PA) Insurance provides cover to the insured against death or disability arising from an accident. This policy … Read more

Life Insurance Products

The insurance coverage legislation to safeguard the policyholder’s needs is a collection of basic principles that every insurer should follow. The initial legislation of 2002 continues to be in force still today. A lot of changes have occurred over the last thirteen years regarding products, selling methods as well as operational techniques. Hence, a more … Read more

Zero Depreciation Cover For Bike Insurance

With the changing demands of the customers and rising competition among insurance providers, the policies now come with various add-ons and riders. One such popular add-on is zero depreciation cover, which proves to be a sensible investment for bike owners. Table Content What is Zero Depreciation Insurance Cover? Eligibility to avail Zero Depreciation Cover What … Read more

Are Multiple Insurance Policies Useful For You

Life is moving at a fast pace these days with no guarantees of a future, and even the present is looking quite uncertain. It becomes necessary to have a credible and robust plan in place. It is also significant in the unfortunate event of your untimely death, where your family members must be taken care … Read more