Exide Life Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

IRDAI every year release a CSR report and as per IRDAI annual report, the latest claim settlement ratio of Exide Life Insurance is 98.15% for the Financial Year 2019-20. The CSR report make things clear and gives more specific view on insurance policy and insurance plan. The way we spend last year it was like … Read more

How Important Is A Travel Insurance

The world has become more interconnected than ever, and traveling has become a part of everyone’s life. Irrespective of whether you are a frequent traveler or an occasional one, you would know that there are certain common steps that you would need to incorporate in your preparation for every travel that you undertake.  This will … Read more

7 Ways To Ensure Your Claim Isnt Rejected

We purchase health insurance, motor insurance, and life insurance to ensure financial security in case of an unexpected event that could put us in a severe money crunch. When our claims are rejected, we experience frustration, disappointment, and monetary loss. This is one of the primary reasons many people hesitate to buy insurance. ‘Claim Rejection’ is … Read more

Max Life Announces Special Bonus To Distribute Rs 130 Crore For Policyholders

Max Life Insurance will distribute Rs130 crore as ‘First Ever Special Bonus’ for policyholders. For the eligible policies, the longer the policyholder has been with the company, the higher will be the percentage of the special bonus. New Delhi: Max Life Insurance announced a “one-time” special bonus to all its active policyholders who have participating … Read more

Should You Opt For The Terminal Illness Benefit

A terminal illness refers to an illness or infection that cannot be cured or adequately treated and it is resulting in the death of the patient within a duration of six months or less. Despite its treatment, there is absolute certainty about the death of the patient. A patient having a terminal illness is provided … Read more

What Is No Exam Life Insurance

Has the thought of undergoing a medical examination pushed purchasing life insurance to the bottom of your To-Do List? Perhaps you’re worried that the exam results could spoil your chances of getting a good policy, but you need to know about  “No-Exam Life Insurance.” While it’s true that most insurance policies do require that the potential … Read more

Irdais New Guidelines Heres How It Will Impact Agents

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has recently released a new guidelines for the appointment of insurance agents, titled “Guidelines on Appointment of Insurance Agents, 2015”, making insurance agents’ businesses tougher. However, there is at least one reason for agents in the new guidelines to cheer- capping on agents’ commission has been … Read more

Top 5 Financial Investment Options In India

Considering the uncertainty of life, people are looking to grow their savings so they can accumulate corpus that ensure a financial security for their family. It’s better to make a financial investment that ensures financial benefits in a future time frame by way of interest earnings, dividend or capital appreciation that provides higher returns on … Read more

Got Surplus Money Look For Single Premium Insurance Plans

The main objective of a life insurance policy is to create a fund for the family of the deceased, so that those left behind can sustain themselves financially with the help of accrued funds. But this does not mean that you have to opt for a life insurance policy wherein you will have to make … Read more

Importance Of Having A Home Insurance Policy In India

Building or buying a home requires a huge investment and it is a very precious asset for you & your family. It is a place of your residence, where you feel a sense of protection and security. Residing in your own home provides you a sense of protection and security. Considering the recent environmental changes, … Read more