What To Do If Health Insurance Policy Renewal Date Is Missed

Mr. Sharma, a 32-year-old businessman was having a health insurance policy for the past 4 years. He understood the importance of health insurance at an early stage of his life and took the decision of buying the best health insurance policy through proper analysis and understanding in his 20’s. In between these 4 years, Mr. … Read more

Critical Illness Rider Vs Standalone Critical Illness Plan

Who doesn’t want to be spoilt for choices? Be it attire, food, automobiles, holidays, or fun, we all want infinite choices and tend to choose the best! However, when it comes to health plans, too many options can become a bit tricky. Of course, the various options give you a plethora to choose from, but the tricky … Read more

How To File A Fast Claim After An Accident

According to insurance experts, the first thing to do after getting injured is to file an insurance claim with your insurance company or insurance executive. No wonder an insurance claim would help you get the compensation to bear medical expenses, loss of income, and suffering that resulted due to the accident. Let us now discuss … Read more

Key Aspects For Pre Policy Medical Check Up

Insurance is a cover against risk. The cover is given for the premiums paid by the insured person for his chosen plan, and the rate of premium is affected by the factors like age, gender, medical condition, etc., which are the indicators of risk. People with higher risk have to pay higher premiums because their … Read more

5 Best Car Insurance Companies In India

As per the motor vehicle act 1988, you must have at least third-party car insurance, but it is recommended to have a comprehensive car insurance policy to cover third-party liabilities and the damages suffered by the car. To choose best car insurance policy among the all the available car insurance compnies, it is very hard … Read more

Life Insurance Term Cover

When Aegon Life Insurance began operations in India in 2008, its marketing campaign focused on the problem of underinsurance in India. In the past seven years, pure protection term plans have become more popular but a large number of Indians are still afflicted by KILB (Kum Insurance Lene ki Bimaari). A recent study by global … Read more

Single Premium Insurance Policy Tax Benefits

Life insurance does not always mean that one has to keep paying the premium monthly, Quarterly, half Yearly or Yearly. There are single premium life insurance (SPLI) policies as well, which provide alike benefits of protection and savings as the regular premium ones. The term of Single premium life insurance is usually 10 years, but … Read more

How Not To Be Rejected By A Health Insurance Company

One would expect that with all the competition in insurance, insurers would queue up to sell to you. Unfortunately, that’s not true. The hardest part of buying health insurance company is getting the insurer to issue you a policy. Most insurers are risk-averse and would rather reject a healthy person than insure an unhealthy one. … Read more

Salaried Look Health Cover

The employment situation in India is very grim. As per the last survey was done by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) in 2011-12, it was revealed that out of a total of approximately 48 crores working population of the country; almost 25 crores were employed in the industry and services sector. Also, out of the total … Read more

How Do Certain Thyroid Conditions Affect Buying Life Insurance

Every individual has a thyroid hormone that helps all the organs work well. The thyroid hormones travel from the thyroid gland to all the body parts and function therein. These hormones control the metabolism in your body and ensure that all the organs function well. Thus, thyroid hormones are important for the body, but having … Read more