Top 5 Ulip Funds To Invest In 2017

ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan) is a market-linked insurance product that provides a combination of investment and life cover. With an investment option, you have the flexibility to invest with a number of ULIP funds to maximize your investments. With the life cover, the insurance company pays a sum assured to the nominee, in the event of your demise during the policy term. A ULIP plan thus proves as a vital investment instrument towards achieving the goals.

With a ULIP investment, you are set to achieve medium to long-term financial goals. A ULIP policy also provides you a flexibility to switch your money between fund options to adapt to your financial goals and risk appetite.

Investing with a right ULIP plan is the key, so we are here to provide you the details for the top 5 ULIP funds you can invest in 2017.

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  • Top 5 ULIPs Funds Performance Growth 2017
  • 1) HDFC Life – Opportunities Fund
  • 2) Bajaj Allianz Life – Pure Stock Fund
  • 3) Future Generali Life-Future Apex Fund
  • 4) Aviva Life- Enhancer Fund-II
  • 5) Aegon Life- Accelerator Fund
  • Conclusion
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Top 5 ULIPs Funds Performance Growth 2017

Here is the snapshot of the performance growth of the top 5 funds mentioned, in this blog

S. No Funds Name 1 year 3 years 5 years
1. HDFC Life- Opportunities Fund 33.54% 27.70% 17.44%
2. Bajaj Allianz Life- Pure Stock Fund 21.80% 21.82% 18.94%
3. Future Generali Life- Future Apex Fund 22.49% 13.67% 13.34%
4. Aviva Life- Enhancer Fund-II 21.74% 14.61% 18.10%
5. Aegon Life- Accelerator Fund 19.59% 12.90% 12.04%